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About Infinite Artistry

Infinite Artistry is a fast-growing visual/digital media company founded in 2007 by Nailah Jones from Pasadena, CA. IA is a company that strives to be a resource for all things media related. 

Our services range from Graphic Desktop Publishing , Web –Design ,to taking your business and/or product to the next leve, through Social Media Marketingl .

The services that we provide are guaranteed to maximize your brand. No matter what your vision is we deliver tailored solutions that take our clients to a higher level.

We believe that any form of media design is more than just a pretty picture, or even an eye catchy animated figure; it is establishing and solidifying a brand that will please the client, as well as communicate their vision beyond their expectations.

Infinite Artistry is committed to assisting anyone with their vision: From an individual that is starting their dreams from the platform of their garage to a Mega Non-Profit that is adding on a new component to their business venture. 

We are here to provide solutions , and to guide you through the process of making your brand the best it can be.

Infinite Artistry strives to make all customers, happy ones; by doing that we incorporate the “G.O.A.L. Factor”

Growing Client’s Influence

Outcomes That Produce

Alleviating Excuses

Long-term Success

About Nailah Jones * Creative Director


Nailah Jones is a Graphic and Web Designer, as well as a Social Media Marketer who partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their professional brands, through various platforms and through her sought after graphic design services. After spending over a decade working with local churches facilitating their visual media platforms, Nailah has taken her expertise to a broader network of small and corporate businesses. She knows what truly drives product and service conversions by establishing a consistent visual presence through the social media market place.  She is fully aware that everyone is in the business of trying to capture the attention of their assigned audience and believes that brand trust will keep that audience engaged.—

Nailah’s skill set has landed her a contract position with Southern California Edison, a major International Energy Company, based out of Southern California; as an Instructional Designer for the Enterprise and Learning Department.


Nailah’s passion for creating the perfect design for her clients, goes beyond the computer screen. She has a passion to teach youth, with similar interests, the power they possess through the creative gifts that they obtain. 

Nailah holds a BA in Sociology from California State University Northridge ~ Northridge, CA and an AA in Visual Communication Arts from Pasadena City College~ Pasadena,  California