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About Infinite Artistry

Infinite Artistry is a fast-growing visual/digital media company founded in 2007 by Nailah Jones from Pasadena, CA. IA is a company that strives to be a resource for all things media related. 

Our services range from Graphic Desktop Publishing , Web –Design ,to taking your business and/or product to the next leve, through Social Media Marketingl .

The services that we provide are guaranteed to maximize your brand. No matter what your vision is we deliver tailored solutions that take our clients to a higher level.

We believe that any form of media design is more than just a pretty picture, or even an eye catchy animated figure; it is establishing and solidifying a brand that will please the client, as well as communicate their vision beyond their expectations.

Infinite Artistry is committed to assisting anyone with their vision: From an individual that is starting their dreams from the platform of their garage to a Mega Non-Profit that is adding on a new component to their business venture. 

We are here to provide solutions , and to guide you through the process of making your brand the best it can be.

Infinite Artistry strives to make all customers, happy ones; by doing that we incorporate the “G.O.A.L. Factor”

Growing Client’s Influence

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